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Monday, January 25, 2021

Buch Wien from 18.-21.11.2010

We welcome you to visit us at the Buch Wien fair.


Book fair in Leipzig (Germany) from 18.3.-21.3.2010

This year we have been at the Book fair in Leipzig (Germany). We have met many visitors and friends of the metalbook.


Book Fair Frankfurt 2009

At the Frankfurt book fair in October 2009 the metal book was the piece of news. Many interested people were enthusiastic of the idea, the design and the execution of the book.

Welcome at Metal Book



An exclusive gift - Metal Book
An exclusive gift - Metal Book

What's a metalbook?

There are books of paper, from stone, from papyrus, however made of metal? Such a thing I did not hear yet, will say you. The metal book is a book like every different one. 

Made of which metal is the metal book?

We wanted to use a noble material for our metal books, therefore we decided to make the books of high-quality tinned copper.

Metal book, how is the processing?

The books are manufactured in manual work. Thus it is guaranteed that each individual metal book has an unusually high quality. The metal surface is corroded, coined/shaped, eroded, lasered thereby and last still printed on. A very extensive procedure. The result is a beautiful book. This is suitable outstanding as exclusive gift.

Contents of the metal book

Poems and texts by the authors Julia Viola George and Victor Hartmann. sHE is a lyric metal book. In a hostile exchange between man and woman the authors light up different aspects of love. Exciting, lyrically and fine-intimately.

Metal book, individually made for you

Naturally you can have also your completely personal metal book. Gladly we manufacture your book with your text. With the metal book you can present your text in a way, which is singular. Yourfriends will be enthusiastic. A gift like it more exclusively and above all to more personally hardly be can.